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AI based simulation for efficient development of advantageous concrete mixtures

Country of Origin: Austria
Reference Number: TOAT20190613001
Publication Date: 14 June 2019


An Austrian company developed a software for optimization of existing concrete mixtures and the design of new ones, with new materials, tailored for specific applications. Concrete mixtures can be achieved 10x faster and resulting mixtures are 6x stronger. Reduction of cement content in mixtures and usage of alternative constituents reduces costs and CO2 emissions of new mixtures. The Austrian company is interested in license, joint venture, technical and research and financial agreements.


An Austrian company offering mathematical modelling and optimization for complex energy, finance and logistic business challenges developed a new tool for improved development of advantageous concrete mixtures.

Problem description:
Concrete mixtures and its properties (strength, appearance, chemical resistance, frost resistance,...) have to be adapted to specific applications and local legislations. Consequently there is an ongoing research for optimized mixtures. Furthermore it is aimed to use alternative constituents (e.g. waste materials as plastics or wood fibres) and to use less cement to save costs and to optimize the environmental impact of concrete since cement is relevant cost driver of concrete and the concrete industry is creating up to 10% of worldwide man-made emissions of CO2.

State of the art:
When creating a concrete mixture different constituents (sand, cement, additives, ...) can be used and different procedures can be applied.
Currently new mixtures have to be tested in lab scale. Therefore concrete is produced and has to harden for weeks. Subsequently the derived properties can be tested.
Numerous iterations may be necessary to find a proper mixture. This is time and cost intensive and may not lead to a perfect result. Via this iteration process concretes can be produced with optimized properties regarding its application for e.g. 3D printing, its long-term mechanical properties, its long life in severe environments, its strength, its permeability, its density, its toughness, its volume stability, etc..

AI for the design of concrete mixtures:
The Austrian company developed a software program based on AI. Mixture procedures, mixture constituents and the properties of the resuting concrete are simulated prior to the implementation of lab tests. In this way new concrete mixtures can be designed and optimized for special use cases. This invention helps companies to find better mixtures - faster and cheaper.

Use cases:
- Development of new mixtures special purposes as e.g. bridges, damns, etc. .
- Optimization of concrete mixtures for 3D printing
- Establishment of a digital governmental test standard for concretes
- Optimization of mixtures on-site (calculating the needed cement based on the current humidity of the materials on site)
- The algorithm can also be applied for the developement of polymer mixtures. Therefore approximately 2 years of research are needed to optimize the algorithm for this purpose.

Partner sought:
The company is looking for construction companies, cement manufacturing companies, R&D institutes and companies with a focus on concrete mixtures and polymer mixtures. Beside technical cooperations the company is also open for investments to enhace its own research capabilites.

These kind of partners are invited to cooperate (i) to further optimize their own processes (license agreement), (ii) to share the gained knowledge in their existing network (license agreement or joint venture) and (iii) to further adapt the existing AI for various applications (technical cooperation or research cooperation). Furthermore the company is open for (iv) investments to establish an extensive (inter)national sales network and an own laboratory.

Advantages and Innovations

The main advantages of the developed technology are:

10x faster results
Results can be achieved in ~85% less time by digitizing a significant part of the mix design and trial batching process.

6x stronger mixtures
Through mathematical modelling and the use of specialized AI, the mixtures are not only considerably stronger, and use less cement than their equivalents.

The simplified application of alternative constituents leads to cost reductions and reduced CO2 emissions.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Type of partner sought:
1) Large construction companies
2) Cement manufacturing companies
3) Companies and R&D institutes with a focus on materials research for application of concrete for special purposes and 3D printing.
4) Companies and R&D institutes with a focus on materials research for polymer mixtures
5) Investors

Role of partner sought:
1) End-user using the developed technology for the optimization of its own processes. In this case a license agreement is sought.
2) Partners with an existing network to share the knowledge gained through a cooperation. In this case a license agreement or a joint venture is sought. In specific in Asia the company is open for a joint venture.
3) Partner for a further adaption of the existing AI for (i) optimization of concrete for 3D printing, (ii) the use of alternative constituents in concrete (glass, ash,...), (iii) special applications of concrete or (iv) the adaption of the AI for polymer mixtures. In these cases, a technical cooperation agreement or a research agreement is sought.
4) Potential investors with the capability to carry on negotiations with larger investors and cooperation partners. The company is of the opinion that an investment of 500.000€ - 800.000 € would enable a fast growth, the establishment of an extensive (inter)national sales network and the establishment of an own laboratory. An own laboratory would enable the company to conduct advanced R&D activities and to accept orders from concrete processing companies.

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