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Patented water processing technology that substantially reduces water consumption in shower heads without adverse effects on the showering comfort

Country of Origin: Austria
Reference Number: TOAT20180313001
Publication Date: 13 March 2018


An Austrian company owns a novel water saving technology that can be applied on every existing showering system by quick and easy installation. This technology reduces the water flow in showering heads by average 36 % without influencing the water jet strength remarkably. The investment costs are amortized within several months due to reduced energy and (waste) water costs. 

The Austrian company is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance and for license agreements.


An Austrian company offers a novel water processing technology that reduces the water flow in showerheads by 36 % without causing adverse effects on the showering comfort.

Using conventional showering systems causes water flows of approximately 15 litres/min which leads to a water consumption of about 90 litres per shower (assuming a showering duration of 6 min).
Consequently 90 litres of water have to be heated up to nearly 40 °C causing environmental and economic costs. These costs can be reduced by the reduction of the overall water flow. In the case of this novel water processing technology the invested money is amortized within less than a year.

Common water reduction systems (shower heads with saving function) have a big disadvantage: Less water also means less comfort. Therefore these systems are not used in high class hotels etc.

This innovative water processing technology can be applied on every existing showering system without the necessity to adapt the existing system. The technology is directly placed between the shower valve and the shower hose as a cylindrical intermediate piece with a height of about 4cm and a basal area of about 2 cm.

Within this intermediate piece the water is accelerated by the constriction of the diameter. Subsequently the water flows in a "mixing chamber" where a negative pressure is developed (by the lower water flow) and ambient air is contributed via a bypass. So the water is enriched with air which leads to an enlargement of the overall volume. By that the water pressure is increased again although the water flow is decreased. This rise of water pressure prevents adverse effects on the showering comfort.

In comparison to existing water saving showering heads this technology is really capable to reduce the water flow without a notable reduction of the water pressure. This can be achieved by using the well known Venturi effect. Furthermore the turbulences in the water flow reduces calcification and germ formation (e.g. legionella formation) in the showering system.

The technology is already successfully applied in Austria, Slovenia or Lithuania in:
- prestigious hotels
- dorms
- hospitals
- private households

Potential partners should be capable to distribute the technology and ensure a professional installation.
Hence partners are sought for:
- commercial agreements with technical assistance
- license agreements

The Austrian company will provide a trainig and technical support to enable partners to install the technology.

Certified and awarded:
- Energy Globe Award
- Austrian eco-label
- TUEV Austria certified



Advantages and Innovations

1) Water consumption reduced by 36% without causing adverse effects on comfort

2) Reduction of energy- and water costs:
- Reduction of energy costs by 36 %
- Payback period of several months after the investment
- About 13.000 Euro savings per year in a hotel with 100 showers

3) Quick installation between fitting and shower hose

4) Immediately ready for use after installation

5) Can be implemented in existing systems without the necessity to adapt the existing system

6) Clean shower hose and shower head by turbulent air / water mixture

7) Improved hygiene - prevention of germ formation (e.g. Legionella)

8) Longevity - no need of maintenance or cleaning, even in hard water conditions

9) Environmentally friendly: reduction of CO2 emissions and energy savings

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Stage Of Development Comment

The technology is already successfully applied internationally in:
- prestigious hotels
- dorms
- hospitals
- private households

Requested partner

Specific area of activity of the Partner (Know-how, clientele, etc.):

1) Companies with existing distribution networks in the fields of:
- hotels
- dorms
- private households
- or the like...

2) Companies such as traders specialized on the hotel sector, plumbers, etc. that are in direct contact with the end customer to ensure a skilled installation of the water processing technology (know-how).

Task to be performed by the Partner:

1) The Austrian company is looking for partners who distribute the technology in their existing networks, organize the installation of the technology and offer general after sales services via a:
- license agreement or a
- commercial agreement with technical assistance

2) The Austrian company owns the exclusive licence for this technology and will provide the necessary know-how transfer. By that partners will be enabled to ensure that the water processing technology is installed in a technically correct manner.
This know-how transfer can include:
- Initial training
- Online Support at the first installation and assembly
- Technical consultancy

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