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Continuous variable gear optimizing acceleration and driving comfort and reducing fuel consumption

Country of Origin: Austria
Reference Number: TOAT20170110001
Publication Date: 10 January 2017


An Austrian inventor has developed and patented a concept for a novel gear drive with continuous transmission ratios and a high degree of efficiency. Fuel consumption can be reduced by 3-5% compared to shift gearboxes, production and maintenance costs can be saved and acceleration optimized. It is applicable in cars, motorbikes, bicycles (especially in the field of racing), construction and agricultural machines etc. The inventor is looking for licensees mainly in Germany, Switzerland, Austria.


Shift gearboxes feature a high degree of efficiency but no continuous transmission ratios. Continuous variable gears on the other hand suffer from a low degree of efficiency. In both cases, when used in motor vehicles, this can lead to disadvantages such as increased fuel consumption.

The Austrian inventor has developed a concept for a novel gear (with gear-wheels) to solve the above mentioned problem. The innovative gear enables for the first time continuous transmission ratios and a high degree of efficiency. All gear-wheels are in a constant force-fit fastening.
This allows transmission ratio without clutching, shifting gears and moving gear-wheels. The maximum transmission ratio is limited only by the given driving force (motor power).

The novel gear consists of 2 differentials: one is situated at the input, the other one at the output of the gearbox. The differentials are connected at both sides via for example a pair of gear-wheels. These 2 pairs of gear-wheels are preferably dimensioned in a way that they feature the same transmission ratio but in the opposite direction. This arrangement enables any speed at the output side of the gearbox (forward motion, return motion, idling) at a user-defined velocity at the input side.

To change the transmission ratio and the speed at the output, requires only the velocity of one single gear wheel to be altered. Generally this requires an additional driving force with variable speed.
To avoid this the speed at the output is returned to one of the lateral gear-wheels and the basic transmission ratio is additionally multiplied.
By integrating a hydraulic pump with flow restrictor into the recirculation to the lateral gear-wheel, any transmission ratio can be achieved via the adjustable recirculation speed. If the hydraulic pump is integrated into an axle, no force is lost.

Potential application areas of the novel gear:
- cars irrespective of the drive system (petrol, diesel, gas, hydrogen, electric vehicles, solar powered cars etc.)
- racing and leisure (cars, motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles etc.)
- agriculture (tractor, agricultural machines)
- other vehicles (buses, trucks, construction vehicles etc)
- all machines operating with different velocities and torques

A patent is granted in Austria and a PCT application is pending.
The Austrian inventor is looking for manufacturers of gears, prototypes, gear components, pumps or motor vehicles mainly from Germany, Switzerland and Austria for license agreements. Licensees may also come from other countries provided that communication is possible in German.


Advantages and Innovations

The main innovative aspect is that a high degree of efficiency and continuous transmission ratios together with optimized acceleration (very quick and continuous change of transmission ratios without interruption of traction) are made possible at the same time. 

The main advantages are:
- conventional automatic gearboxes (Dual Clutch Transmission DCT, torque converter) provide 7-10 gears; the novel gear offers an endless "number of gears" (continuous transmission ratios) => optimized acceleration and driving comfort
- the transmission ratio can always be adapted to the optimum engine speed => this leads to a high degree of efficiency and to completely smooth and improved acceleration especially for applications in motorsports and racing
- reduced fuel consumption (a decrease of 3-5% is expected compared to shift gearboxes); reduced exhaust fumes
- lower production costs compared to automatic transmissions; conventional gear-wheels are applicable; easy construction
- gear-wheels are not moved => robust construction and lower maintenance costs
- usual advantages of automatic gearboxes (no engine stall, no overrevving, no engaging of a wrong gear etc.)
- for enthusiasts of shift-gearboxes, user-defined manual transmissions can be programmed and simulated for optimized driving pleasure

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

A video film and a small model demonstrating construction and mode of operation of the gear are available. The mode of operation was successfully tested via a simulation program.

Requested partner

Specific area of activity of the partner:
- manufacturer of gears for application in cars, motor bikes, bikes, construction and agricultural machines etc.
- manufacturer of prototypes
- manufacturer of gear components, pumps (gear pumps, axial piston pumps), motor vehicles

The Austrian inventor is looking for companies mainly from Germany, Switzerland and Austria for license agreements. Licensees may also come from other countries provided that communication is possible in German.

Task to be performed by the partner:
The partner sought is expected to sign a license agreement for the production and distribution of the novel gear for the respective application / market.

Dissemination Countries

Austria, Switzerland, Germany

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