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H2020 ICT-54-2020 - Seeking blockchain ledger developers and biometric companies to join bid to create genuine airline terminal ‘walk-through’ capability

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: RDUK20190830001
Publication Date: 30 August 2019


A UK company & researcher are seeking additional consortium partners to apply for H2020 funding to develop a comprehensive, new digital re-engineering paradigm for airline passengers and operational stakeholders, enabling genuine Terminal ‘walk-through' capability. Seeking ICT companies/universities capable of demonstrating complex, innovative integrated software solutions using Blockchain, AI, together with Iris biometric companies for process co-development via research cooperation agreement.


Most of the world's hub airports i.e. those processing more than 40m passengers per annum currently, face passenger growth levels that likely require continuous physical expansionist development as passenger numbers continue to trend inexorably upward. Inherent at airports, passenger terminals in particular, are increasing constraints on finding suitable locations, adjacent to runway infrastructure, able to provide new  infrastructure for increased passenger handling.

The act of processing constantly increasing numbers of passengers - outbound, inbound and transit - requires new, fast and detailed development of integrated and co-operational activity to deliver operational outcomes that genuinely enable majority of airline customers to walk-through from kerb-side to aircraft seat.

Research must include scalability and undertake iterative testing from early proof of concept through to real world testing in conjunction with selected hub airport(s) and operational stakeholders and a demographic spread of ‘passengers'.

A UK researcher and company have developed a new, operationally feasible process to achieve this, based upon an existing and viable concept and enabled through detailed development of disruptive and other developing technologies e.g. Blockchain DLT (digital ledger technology) and AI.

The system is able to meet the challenges that require appropriate solutions across a mix of secure process activities. And vitally, for all operational stakeholders and equipment vendors, embrace this activity working with concepts and technological expertise, taking ownership as matters reach testing and delivery.

The UK researcher is seeking ICT companies working with blockchain technologies, to help develop this digital technology in a way that improves passenger interaction from point of flight booking on-line through to delivering cogent demonstrations of how to interact with new technological introductions that will benefit and positively affect their experiences and journey through terminals in due course.

Collaborators do not have to have specific expertise in airports or the movement of passengers, and they are seeking partners via research development cooperation.

They are also seeking biometric companies to assist with developing the system.

Deadline for the call: 16 January 2020
Deadline for expressions of interest in this profile: 15th October 2019

Advantages and Innovations

The consortium will develop a fully functioning 'kerb-side to aircraft seat' walk through system enabling paradigm improvements in passenger experiences, and key operational outcomes in terms of hand, hold baggage and personal security, identity verification, significant OPex (operating expense) and economic benefits, speed of passenger digital processing e.g. significant increase in numbers of secure & verified passengers per hour - replacing time consuming physical  activity and wasted dwell time across the current spectrum of interactive processing.

Requested partner

Type: Industry

Activity: ICT/Biometrics

Specific role of partners sought: Co-development of processes allowing non-human contact processing of airline passengers (blockchain development and biometric technology undertaken across the full spectrum of full integration with airport operational stakeholders requirements and passengers experiential outcomes.)

Dissemination Countries

Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests