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[EUROSTARS2] URGENT Consortium leader is looking for research partners with expertise in predictive analytics for co-development of digital twin for electric vehicles batteries and industrial partners for testing /validation /demonstration.

Country of Origin: Portugal
Reference Number: RDPT20190822001
Publication Date: 6 September 2019


Portuguese R&D performing SME developing artificial intelligence systems for the automotive and transports industries seeks research and industrial partners to integrate a consortium bid to EUROSTARS2 under a research agreement. The project is focused on predictive analytics for electric vehicle batteries, with the objective to create a highly reliable digital twin - the core of a new SaaS (Software as a Service) product for battery manufacturers, electric vehicle OEMs and fleet operators.


The objective of the project is to develop machine learning and artificial intelligence models that allow for the creation of a truly reliable digital twin. Based on predictive analytics, this digital twin will be in the center of a new product aimed at battery manufacturers, electric vehicle OEMs and transport operators.

An application for funding to Eurostars 2 is under preparation. Once the proposal is approved by Eurostars, each partner activities will be funded at the national level. Detailed information may be found at:

The lead partner is a R&D performing SME with a successful portfolio of H2020 projects. They develop artificial intelligence products for the automotive and transport industries, focusing on predictive maintenance and predictive analytics, having some of the world's largest transport companies as customers.
To complete the consortium, they are looking for:
- research partners with expertise in predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning in the automotive field, ideally in the field of batteries for electric vehicles (EVs)
- industry partners, such as battery manufacturer, vehicle manufacturer and/or EV fleet operator will be expected to contribute in the testing /validation /demonstration activities, in close collaboration with the project leader.

Deadline for EOIs: 04-SEP-2019
Deadline for Call: 12-SEP-2019
Anticipated project duration: 12 mths

Advantages and Innovations

Considering the battery pack is the most critical component for electric vehicles, the project aims at creating a new SaaS that will allow battery manufacturers to produce more reliable batteries, better and faster. This will support OEMs and fleet operators to accelerate the adoption of EVs.
An accelerated adoption of EVs will have a strong societal impact.
The project leverages on the SME’s experience, IP and background knowledge in this field, as well as on the existing customer portfolio.

Expertise sought

The research partners sought should have expertise in the field of predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning for vehicles, and ideally for battery packs.
The industrial partner should be a battery manufacturer or an EV vehicle manufacturer and/or a fleet operator, that will contribute with industrial know how in the tests, validation and demonstration of the prototype.

Stage Of Development

Proposal under development

Stage Of Development Comment

An application for funding will be submitted to Eurostars 2 until September 12th, 2019.
Proposal is already under development.

Requested partner

Research partners:
With expertise and previous work in the field of predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning for vehicles, and ideally for battery packs.

Industrial Partners:
Battery manufacturers, vehicle OEMs and transport operators to be involved in testing /validation and demonstration activities.

Dissemination Countries

Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests