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H2020-ICT-2018-2020: The Latvian local authority is looking for partners and a coordinator to develop a cloud platform for cities, municipalities to deliver comprehensive services to citizens.

Country of Origin: Latvia
Reference Number: RDLV20171212001
Publication Date: 12 December 2017


The Latvian local authority is looking for a project partners representing academic institutions, ICT industry and other cities or municipalities to develop a core (cloud) platform with innovative tools and applications that interacts with a large set of existing backend systems and registers. The project will be submitted under the Horizon 2020 call ICT-15-2019-2020: Cloud Computing


A Latvian local authority is looking to fostering the provision and adoption of innovative, secure and reliable cloud computing services for citizens, businesses and guests living, operating or visiting the city. 
The project aims to develop a core (cloud) platform with innovative tools and applications that interacts with a large set of existing systems and registers, lowering costs and complexity for serving large numbers of users and handling large scale data. Advanced user interface will allow implementing functionalities related to virtual or augmented reality.
The new platform would provide the basis for more efficient and full-fledged client service process with an access to specialized and/or diverse resources. It enables a suitable environment for the implementation of new services, applications, protocols and solutions. In such a platform, merchants can integrate their services specializing with an outlook of sustainable business models in public-private innovation partnerships.
Using the new platform, local authorities can deliver comprehensive customer services, combining data from different local authorities.
Company has an expertise in previous international projects include the fields of sustainable urban renewal, green IT network, food security (USER, 4CITIES4DEV, etc.). As well as various national projects (PHARE, EcoRegion, ScienceLink).
The project will be submitted to the call: H2020-ICT-2018-2020; TOPIC : Cloud Computing; Topic identifier: ICT-15-2019-2020
Call deadline: 28 March 2019
EOI deadline: 14 March 2018

Advantages and Innovations

• The project will allow cities to share their open data (collected from various service providers) so that the customers can have tools that benefit all citizens.
• Various stakeholders can be included in these activities.
• The project will also transform involved local authorities services into digital platforms.
• Research and experimentation in cloud architectures, cloud networking, deployment practices and run-time management as well as the associated security and privacy needs.

Economic advantages and benefits:

• Reduction in ICT Spending
• Better citizen services
• Universal Resource & Data Access
• Elimination of Procurement & Maintenance
• Access to Secure and State-of-Art Technology, Agility & Scalability

Requested partner

Potential project members are: 
- research and academic institutions with relevant laboratories;
- cities and municipalities;
- SMEs specializing in ICT solutions and services (Industrial IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data).
For R&A institutions - help in the development process
For Cities & municipalities - testing the platform and installation
For SME - to develop a platform with ICT solutions

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests