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A Korean manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cell separator(bipolar plate) is looking for a R&D partner for manufacturing and mass production technology of multi-sided separator for PEMFC(Proton-exchange membrane fuel cell) based on a robust design

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: RDKR20201019002
Publication Date: 19 October 2020


A Korean company that produces separator(bipolar plate) for PEMFC used in hydrogen fuel cell powered automobile is concentrating on developing production technology of multi-sided separator which has bigger size compared to the conventional one. 
To do this, they have formed internal task force team and now looking for European R&D partner with efficient separator die casting design ability and production technology under EUREKA  Project in 2021.


Hydrogen fuel cell is receiving a spotlight as renewable and environment-friendly energy which could replace oil resources and it is considered a solution to the global climate change and environmental problems. 
Due to this background, a fierce competition in technology developing is going on among developed countries.

As the technology is gradually developing to increase the efficiency of hydrogen fuel cell, the application of PEMFC(Proton-exchange membrane fuel cell) is known as the most efficient one in land transport (vehicle) area because of low operating temperature and a fast system loading time.
However, in case of PEMFC, energy efficiency is low and it needs 99.99% of highly pure hydrogen fuel which is its weak point. Because of this, PEMFC is not applicable for big cars such as trucks and buses.
Thus, to expand application to other commercial cars, production of high efficiency multi-sided separator is an urgent project for the company and they are concentrating on securing production technology for multi-sided separator.

The performance of PEMFC hydrogen fuel cell which is limited to the usage on passenger cars has limitation on the fuel cell efficiency and power. There were cases that PEMFC was applied to some commercial vehicles but in terms of the stack volume and efficiency, it is considered a starting stage. The company is aiming to overcome this obstacle by cooperating with other R&D partners.

By producing multi-sided separator, the company is planning to reduce volume and weight of the fuel cell stack and at the same, maximize its efficiency, so that highly efficient fuel cell could be installed in commercial cars with better performance compared to the conventional engine cars. However, mass- production and making of flow line of multi-sided separator is difficult at the moment with the current technology.

In order to develop this, the company is cooperating with R&D Institute in automotive technology for the interpretation of flow line and proceeding government funded project regarding fuel cell with a University in Korea and National R&D institute in Energy, the company wants to meet European partner preferably a big company with rich experience and know-how in production technology on mass-production of stack in a form of technology cooperation and R&D development under EUREKA Project.

The expected development period is 3 years including mass-production and target finished year is 2023.
The company’s long-term goal after the project is to enter SOFC fuel cell market and start stack module assembling. Also, they plan to increase sales in full scale after 2024.

Advantages and Innovations

-	The conventional hydrogen fuel cell is used for passenger cars due to its limited efficiency. Thus, by applying multi-sided separator, the efficiency of fuel cell could be maximized for commercialization. 
- By developing mass-production process, production time is reduced which leads to cost reduction
- Minimize customer complaints caused by delay in product delivery
- Increase in the profit by assembling stack module, instead of just producing stacks and decrease logistics fee

Stage Of Development

Project already started

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought: companies 
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Production/die casting/ design/ production
- Task to be performed: technology transfer and propose, interpret flow line and propose a solution

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests