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[EUREKA/Eurostars2]New drugs applicable on cancer, obese, diabetes, Alzheimer, brain disease, inflammation, and metabolic disease

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: RDKR20181108001
Publication Date: 8 November 2018


A Korean company, working on the development of treatments for terminal and chronic diseases, is looking for partners to collaborate on EUREKA/Eurostars2 project proposal. The project is related to drugs, biological new medicine (therapeutic proteins, peptides, antibodies, gene treatment, immunology for cancer, immune cell therapy) technology. The company is seeking companies and research institute specialized in the cultivation of New drugs.


A Korean SME has established in 2017 and focused on the development of treatment for the terminal and chronic disease. Novel promising pipelines (Anti-neoplastic drugs, Arthritis, Diabetes, Obesity, Alzheimer, Degenerative disease) are focused to be developed. 

A Korean company is looking for partners to collaborate on EUREKA/Eurostars2 project proposal and they looking for the anti-cancer drugs, it is drugs prior to new application, and it has an effect on patients with drug resistance.

- In the case of cancer immunotherapy, it enables to attack many targets simultaneously, and use monotherapy or combination therapy with excellent cellular immunity and cytotoxic effect.
- In the case of obesity and diabetes, the existing functions of the drugs are improved, so it becomes a novel one to be able to decrease the number of doses and attack the targets.
- In the case of Alzheimer and brain disease, it would enhance memories and improve brain functions with the use of extraction and bio-related materials.
- In the case of immune cell therapy, drugs with NK Cell, Dendritic Cell, and Car T-cell

The SME is seeking partners in any other country who work in the related area. The partners are expected to cooperate in New drugs by submitting a proposal for Eureka or Eurostar2 program.

Deadline for EOI: 14th August 2019
Deadline for Call: 14th September 2019
Project Duration: 104 weeks

Advantages and Innovations

-	Technology would be applied to new drugs developed in order to improve the unmet medical needs of chronical and terminal disease, which ultimately leads to a high efficiency of treatment. 
- The technology enables to overcome the difficulties which indicate low efficiency of treatment due to drug resistance, and it leads to a great competition in the medical market in case of excellent profile on the drugs.

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought: 
SME and Larger Company, Research Institute, University
- Specific area of activity of the partner:
-Task to be performed:
Research and development cooperation

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests