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H2020 LC-RUR-11-2019-2020: sustainable wood value chains: seeking cluster, industrial and R&D partners

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: RDIT20181113001
Publication Date: 13 November 2018


A cluster of innovative SMEs, based in southern Italy, and a large university, working on sustainable Mediterranean buildings, are preparing a proposal for the call H2020 LC-RUR-11-2019-2020 to develop and test new technologies and environmentally friendly solutions using wood-based materials in (re)-construction and modernization of buildings. They look for other clusters and industrial/R&D partners to integrate complementary technologies and extend socio-economic / geographical coverage.


A large network with more than seventy companies, mainly SMEs and a few large national undertakings, has been recently recognised as a regional innovation cluster for sustainable building in a southern Italian region.  The cluster managing body, together with a large University with engineering and socio-economic competencies ,are working on a proposal for the H2020 topic LC-RUR-11-2019-2020 "Sustainable wood value chains" with a deadline on  23 January 2019.

One of the key characteristics of the cluster is the approach based on value chains to design and build new products and services, starting from five macro themes: wood, natural fibres, green walls, building's waste recovery, and smart building. As to wood products, the cluster includes companies operating along the whole value chain and it is focusing on the development and diffusion of innovative standards for production, certification and use of local wood species for structural purposes and components. In addition, the cluster is accredited with regional and local governments for sustainable building experimentations.

The University brings a consolidated engineering know-how on composite wood structures and components, modular green walls and nature based solutions, energy saving and passive systems, gained in several national and EU projects, also studied in terms of sustainability of the life cycle with the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodology. A research group is also involved in the study of territorial impacts from a socio-economic perspective.

According to the topic, the overall project idea aims to develop and test new technologies and environmental friendly solutions for the use of wood-based materials in the (re)construction and/or retrofitting of buildings.

Based on their experience, the partners have identified their key contribution in pilot actions to develop and test wood-based solutions, certified for the Mediterranean climate, for structures and passive components in new constructions as well as to recover or reinforce historical earhquake-resistant timber framing in the Mediterranean Area.
Overall, the project should implement at least three/four pilot actions with extended demonstrations and product validation on a large scale.

To this aim, the partnership should be enriched with similar groupings, i.e. clusters, industrial companies, R&D centres, but with complementary technological solutions and possibly different climatic and/or socio-economic conditions, to integrate and extend the effective applications of multiple solutions.

Also, academic and/or institutional partners from third countries, able to contribute to specifications and adaptation to their territories, are sought.

The call deadline is 23 January 2019 but Expressions of Interests will be accepted by 21 December 2018 at the latest.

Requested partner

The final partnership should be able to:
- start with a set of identified innovative solutions, ready to be advanced to high TRL values
- develop prototypes and pilot actions on different conditions, eg. covering northern, central and southern EU regions, urban and rural areas,
- work with existing value chains at regional / national level with a direct involvement of clusters and/or industrial stakeholders

Thus, the ideal partners should be:
- innovative clusters, industrial companies, R&D centres,
- with technical and market knowledge on (diversified) sustainable wood-based solutions,
- possibly operating on different climatic and/or socio-economic conditions,
- connected with the other relevant actors (citizens, policy makers from urban/rural areas, businesses, architects, site-managers, etc.)

Key tasks include only marginal research activities and a strong emphasis on prototyping, testing, demonstrating, etc. to realise three/four pilot actions. Thus, industrial partners that may contribute to an experimental setting along the value chaina are welcome.

In addition, a partner with a solid and specific background on territorial and socio-economic issues connected to the development of the value chains is welcome.

Finally, academic and/or institutional partners from third countries, able to contribute to specifications and adaptation to their territories, are sought.

The identification of the coordinator might be reviewed jointly with the whole partnership.

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests