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COS-EINET-2017-3-04: lead partner sought for a support scheme to develop innovative start-ups in the tourism sector

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: RDIT20170830001
Publication Date: 30 August 2017


Italian non-profit organisation is looking for a lead partner for a proposal to be submitted under COS-EINET-2017-3-04. The project objective is to support innovative start-ups in developing new products and services for the tourism sector.
The organisation is looking for public bodies, universities or R&D centres from Southern Europe (Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Greece and Turkey) with interest in the tourism sector and expertise in international cooperation.


Young non-profit organisation, based in Italy (Marche region) has strong interest and remarkable expertise in facilitating young creatives to develop their ideas into valuable and sustainable business models. It has developed a project to pilot and deploy a support scheme to facilitate the match between supply and demand for innovative ideas in the tourism sector. This will be accomplished actively fostering, through the business skills and innovation potential of young creatives co-working, facilitation and networking activities, thus helping early-stage entrepreneurs to adopt a more “humanistic” viewpoint. The supported start-ups will be put in contact, through a voucher scheme, with SMEs and institutions operating in the tourism sector, to develop new products and services for territorial marketing. The project will be focused in Southern European countries.
The partnership already comprehends a Spanish Chamber of Commerce, experienced in managing projects for tourism development, a Maltese business support organisation, a Slovenian Development Agency managing a Business Incubator, and an important Croatian University (Faculty of Economics).
It will gather organisations from Southern Europe countries facing similar challenges in diversifying and innovating their touristic offer and territorial marketing.
The Italian non-profit organisation is seeking for a lead partner from Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Greece or Turkey. Lead partner has to be a public body, university or R&D centre interested in coordinating the international partnership and in testing a new model for supporting start-ups and SMEs in tourism sector.
EOI deadline: October 1st, 2017
Call deadline: October 19th, 2017
Call: COS-EINET-2017-3-04

Advantages and Innovations

The project will stimulate the adoption of a humanistic approach in order to promote the creation, business development and scaling-up of young companies in the tourism sector.
As stated in the 2010 EU green paper: unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries, places where there is a good presence of creative industries are the places where innovation is stronger. Innovation entails multi-sector skills and an integrated way of thinking and operating.
A revitalization of the humanistic approach will considerably help to design an eco-system where innovation and creativity may become a powerful engine to foster entrepreneurship and economic growth.

Expertise sought

Experience in transnational projects

Stage Of Development

Proposal under development

Requested partner

Type of partner: lead partner, public body, university, or development agency with expertise in managing supporting schemes for aspiring entrepreneurs.
Tasks to be performed:
Coordination and reporting at project level
Implementation of the support scheme at local/regional level:
1. support to young creatives to develop their skills and business ideas;
2. matching between young creatives (start-ups) and enterprises;
3. managing the voucher scheme;
Networking activities
Monitoring and evaluation activities

Dissemination Countries

Spain, Greece, Croatia, Portugal, Turkey

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