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COS-TOURCOOP-2019-3-01: Public or private bodies are being sought as partners to set up collaboration on boosting sustainable tourism development and capacity of tourism SMEs

Country of Origin: Croatia
Reference Number: RDHR20190925001
Publication Date: 25 September 2019


A Croatian business incubator is looking for partners to join a proposal to the call COS-TOURCOOP-2019-3-01: Boosting sustainable tourism development and capacity of tourism SMEs through transnational cooperation and knowledge transfer. 
Partner sought should be fully or partly public or private bodies active in the fields of tourism, economic affairs, industry or business support.


SME competitiveness is affected by a limited exploitation of international opportunities and innovation prospects in the Single Market and beyond. The action particullary aim at improving the business environment for tourism enterprises, through enhanced socio-economic and market intelligence and exchange of best practices, diversifying and increasing the visibility of Europe's transnational tourism offer, as well as boosting capacity of tourism SMEs through transnational cooperation and knowledge transfer.

Deadline for submitting applications 24/10/2019 at 17:00 h Brussels time
Deadline for expressions of interest: 18/10/2019

• Evaluation period November 2019 – February 2020
• Signature of grant agreements May 2020
• Starting date of the action May-June 2020
• The project's duration must be between 25 months and 36 months

Business incubators and accelerators and other business support organisations play a key role in supporting the growth process of start-ups and SMEs. The call aims to facilitate and reinforce transnational cross-sectoral collaboration amongst target tourism SMEs and operators from different sectors (e.g.: providers of sustainable solutions, recycling centres, environmental education centres, social economy associations, professional associations). This transnational collaboration shall be organised with the relevant organisations providing business support to SMEs to scale-up (such as e.g.: incubators, accelerators, labs, universities, innovation hubs, research centres and other relevant business support organisations) playing an important role in the project.

The grant is limited to a maximum reimbursement rate of 75 % of eligible costs

The aim of the project is to strengthen the competitiveneness, networking, development of new products and services in tourism based on sustainability and ultimately development of tourism enterprise (particullary SME) at national and international level.
The implementation of the project is necessary due to the increasing pressure of tourism on the natural resources of the destination, which negatively affects the sustainability of the destination, devastation of resources and environmental pollution.
The project seeks to reduce the resource burden resulting from tourism activities, and the activities are aimed at educating tourism entrepreneurship on sustainability, development through sustainability, networking with other national and international entrepreneurs in order to learn from good practices, acquire new knowledge and innovative products and services, and dissemination of results.
The project is aimed at raising awareness of tourism sustainable business as a business that contributes to the development of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship at national and international level.
Entrepreneurial incubator does not have any partner at the moment.
An inventor is likely partner in the project from which SMEs in tourism can learn about innovative solutions that they can offer through the market.

Requested partner

•	Eligible applicants must be fully or partly public or private bodies; private bodies must be properly constituted and registered under national law. 
• Applicants must be legal persons forming a consortium. The following is a list of non-exhaustive types of legal persons that may apply:
- non-profit organisations (private or public);
- non-governmental organisations;
- public authorities and their networks or associations at European, international, national, regional and local level, or organisations acting on behalf of a public authority, responsible for or active in the fields of tourism, economic affairs, industry, business support or related fields;
- international organisations;
- private and profit making entities including micro, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) active in tourism and business support;
- chambers of commerce and industry;
- training and educational institutions, including universities and research centres active in tourism and business support.
• The consortium must gather a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 members/partners - different legal persons - covering at least 5 eligible countries - Only applications from legal entities established in the following countries are eligible:
• EU Member States;
• countries participating in the COSME programme (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey, Iceland)

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests