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Business Innovation Greece programme: research and manufacturing partners from Norway sought for project related to software application for improving decision-making process in industry.

Country of Origin: Greece
Reference Number: RDGR20190412001
Publication Date: 12 April 2019


A Greek SME specialised in developing micro-service software modules available via cloud platforms, is preparing a Business Innovation Greece funding proposal to develop and test a software application to increase the effectiveness of the production process by integrating managerial decision-making into a streamlined system. The Greek client seeks a research partner (with expertise in algorithms) and an industrial partner (to test the system on its production process) from Norway.


A Greek ICT SME is in the process of developing a Decision Support System (DSS) for the industrial sector that gathers real-time data, creates unified communications, maps the decision-making sequence, and suggests relevant actions to be taken.

Industrial companies are under pressure to operate in the most effective way possible in order to stay at the peak of their competitiveness. They often do not have the resources needed in order to gather essential data in order to assess and improve their manufacturing efficiency levels.

This system would improve manufacturing processes by reducing costs and completion time, while optimizing resource allocation. In addition, it can compare various decision-making scenarios in order for the management team to make informed changes to their daily operations. It can interact with existing systems that lack heavy computing power and offers interoperability. It ensures the integrity of interactions, and provides useful info to managers, engineers and technicians, as well as supporting forecasting and reducing supply chain vulnerability.

The proposed project aims to conduct further research into the algorithms and methodologies needed for the Decision Support System (DSS) that could optimize the decision-making process, while a real-life concrete application of the DSS solution could be applied to test the system and fine-tune where needed.

Programme: Business Innovation Greece

Official deadline: 1 October 2019

Deadline for receiving EoIs: 26 July 2019

Anticipated project duration: 2 years

Therefore, the Greek SME is looking for an institute to conduct research into the algorithms and methodologies needed to develop and finalise the Decision Support System in order to optimize the decision-making process, as well as an industrial enterprise to apply the system into its production process.

Advantages and Innovations

The system can provide a cutting-edge solution to manufacturing companies in order to improve their decision-making processes and apply more effective interoperability. 
Based on Node.js and Javascript programming language, it allows a modern non-blocking architecture that can be installed on any operating system, and one which requires minimum effort and deployment time, while ensuring zero interference in everyday operations. It is flexible enough to follow structural changes or partner dependencies, and can process numerous requests concurrently. This Decision Support System suggests actions by combining game theory with contemporary data analysis tools (depending on the problem, e.g. machine learning) and creates added value to existing data, by automating the decision-making process according to the needs of the decisions makers. The model / algorithms are installed and run on a cloud-based server.

Stage Of Development

Concept stage

Requested partner

The Greek SME seeks partners from all related areas of smart manufacturing (Industry 4.0, industrial Internet of Things). An ideal partnership for this proposal would consist of the Greek SME, a research institution or university that has experience in ICT applied research, and an enterprise from any industrial sector that can pilot test the system in situ.
The potential partners’ contribution would be as follows:-
- institute / university to conduct research into the algorithms and methodologies needed to develop and finalise the Decision Support System in order to optimize the decision-making process
- industrial enterprise to apply a real world integration of the solution into its production process.

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