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French SME specialized in rapid detection of enzyme activities is looking for academia, industrial and end user partners to submit a project under H2020-CE-BIOTEC-05 call on environmentally friendly solutions for managing plastic mixture waste

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: RDFR20181120001
Publication Date: 20 November 2018


A French SME developing fluorogenic reagents for rapid detection  of enzyme activities is looking for partners for a project under CE-BIOTEC-05 call "microorganism communities for plastic bio-degradation". The objective is to develop environmentally friendly solutions for managing the waste of plastics mixtures thanks to microorganisms. The French SME and their academic background organisation are looking for academia, industrial, end user (waste valorization) partners to complete the consortium


The objective of the project under construction is to develop environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for managing the waste of plastics mixtures based on the use of communities of microorganisms with a set of complementary enzymes. The enzymes may be native of engineered using state of the art biotechnologies. 
The microbial organisms will turn plastic mixtures into chemical constituents facilitating mineralisation, composting of otherwise recalcitrant and toxic polymers and facilitating production of high value products.
The consortium is under constitution, with a renowned higher education and academic structure and an SME - both French. Since the call is meant to enhance collaboration with China, contacts are already ongoing with potential Chinese partners .
The consortium is looking for further European competencies in the fields of micro-organism banks, Directed Evolution, Droplet expertise, Analysis and Industrial process development (plastic degradation), Valorisation of PET plastic waste, Biorecycling.
The project will be submitted into the CE-BIOTEC-05 topic "microorganism communities for plastic bio-degradation" (RIA - "research and innovation action" scheme) with the deadline:05/03/2019.
Deadline for expression of interest: 20/12/2018

Stage Of Development

Proposal under development

Requested partner

Looking  for partners, either academic or industrial or end users, specialized in:
- microfludics (microencapsulation of bacteria, droplet-based microfluidic screening, bacterial emulsion, etc.)
- micro-organism bank (with microorganismes collected in contamineted soil, waste soil, exotic microorganism, marine micro organismes, contact with plastic waste, eco/environnemental microbial bank, collected in leaf and branch compost, microorganismes with cutinase activity, bacteria, fungi, etc.)
- directed evolution (enzyme engineering, protein engineering, enzymology, cutinase activity expertise, genetic engineering, mutagenesis expertise, recombinant DNA technology)
- expertise in polymer degradation/biodegradation (bio-deterioration/bio-fragmentation), depolymerisation, polyesterase, lipase, plateforme of cutinase and lipase research
- Valorisation of plastic PET waste ( collected waste PET/sorted by type/ regenerated/ grinding/ washing and extrusion of PET), industrial production of flakes of PET, plastic recycling industrial players, biosourced plastics, plastic biorecycling processes

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests