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One National, Regional or Local Police sought for a H2020 project aimed at empowering the fight against crime and terrorism through digitalization.

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: RDES20200312002
Publication Date: 12 March 2020


A Spanish public university needs one European State, Regional or  Local Law Enforcement Agency (LEA – Police) to complete a consortium for a H2020 project (call ID: SUFCT02-2018-2019-2020), with the aim of integrating several digital technologies in one platform that will improve the fight against crime and terrorism. As end-users, all LEAs involved will participate in defining the standard graphical notation, the system requisites and the testing scenarios.



Security is a first magnitude concern, one of the necessary conditions to guarantee the welfare, economic development and the generation of employment and wealth.

H2020 supports the promotion of safe European societies in a context of unprecedented transformations, growing interdependence and global threats, as well as the strengthening of the European culture of freedom and justice.

In this sense, cooperation and coordination of different levels of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs - Police) is essential to achieve this goal; vertically, involving national / state police (the body that usually have competences on fighting terrorism) and local police (the body characterized by the proximity to citizens, which allows them to be the “first on arrival” in situations of emergency); and horizontally, involving LEAs from different regions and countries at EU level.

The project FACTTO will create a system that will provide interoperability between different levels of LEAs, through 3 features:

1/ Common methodology and harmonization of protocols.

2/ Standard graphical notation and symbolism.

3/ Flexibility, by allowing the integration of domestic operative and emergency protocols (police, medical assistance, firefighting, etc.).

The inclusion and empowerment of the local police as first responder agent is a new approach that will improve the effectivity of other LEAs involved.

The project FACTTO will create a digital platform that will improve the skills and capacities of all types LEAs involved in security, through 2 functionalities:

1/ Live simulation module: a new, advanced, safe and sustainable environment for training, which will deliver inputs for further specific training, for the evaluation of past operations and for the planning of future ones.

2/ Operations dashboard: data processing and paneling, based on ICT (Internet of Things - IoT, Artificial Intelligence - AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Web technologies), will provide massive data for improving decision-making processes to prevent or to act against terrorist attacks.

The synergy of all these technologies brings the opportunity to digitalize and improve the way LEAs prevent attacks or combat them effectively. The project delivers an advanced and comprehensive system that contemplates the whole operation process in the fight against terrorism, from the training stage up to real operations.

FACTTO will be submitted to the H2020 topic Technologies to enhance the fight against crime and terrorism: SUFCT02-2018-2019-2020:


A/ Spanish Public University (promoter/coordinator): the role is applying research results in ICT technologies and techniques:
Smart sensor networks
Distributed systems and mobile technologies
Cognitive Business Process Management
Big Data
Artificial Intelligence
Internet of things

B/ Spanish Specialized training in the field of security (promoter/partner): the role will be providing expert advice in training concerning security operations:
Safety operations planning and risk mitigation
Security plans
Experts in Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
Experts in Hostile Environments Close Protection (HECP)

C/ One State / National LEA from Sweden (end-user/partner): the role will be advising in the process design and testing.
National security / emergency protocols
Standard graphical notation
System requisites
Testing operational scenarios

D/ Two Regional LEAs from Spain and Poland (end-user/partner): the role will be advising in the process design and testing.
Regional security / emergency protocols
Standard graphical notation
System requisites
Testing operational scenarios


FACTTO project is willing to incorporate as partners further National / State LEAs as well as Local LEAs to play the role of end-users.


Call deadline: 27/August/2020.

EOIs deadline: 31/07/2020.

Advantages and Innovations

1/ The system will provide a digitalized planning environment for training security forces and for real missions in terrorism situations. It will deliver standard notations of graphic and symbolism created specifically for local and national police forces, based on cartography from different sources and formats.

2/ The system will be completely directed and managed by real antiterrorist action procedures designed for coordinating different levels of police units (state / local), based on successful tested demonstrations in real conditions in the military field.

3/ The project will provide a system for the acquisition of all context information that appears during training sessions or real operations, based on IoT devices.

4/ Beyond the data received from the environment, based on IoT, the platform will be also fed with data obtained from the interactions of the participants / users, which will also bring realism to training programs, due to the unpredictability of this situation.

5/ The system will monitor, process and analyze a vast flow of information obtained from training, based in Big Data technologies, and will apply Artificial Intelligence to predict behavioral patterns, based on actions and interactions carried out by trainees.

6/ The system will enable an dashboard that will assists decision making processes and quick response in real operations.

7/ The system will reduce training costs and the exposure of men to real danger existing in current police and military programs.

8/ The system allows the customization of training based on results and evaluation of the performance of users, also the proposition of new methodologies and training strategies.

9/ The system will improve the coordination of operations involving several police levels with different roles, by visualizing what is happening at any time, from the actions being deployed in operational scenarios (training and real), and analyze the role played by decision-makers.

Stage Of Development

Proposal under development

Requested partner

Type of Partner Sought: Local and National  Law Enforcement Agencies (from Local Police to National Police including antiterrorist and crisis management units). EU member States Security bodies competent on law enforcement at municipal / local level.

Role of Partner Sought: They will participate from the beginning of the project carrying out the following tasks:

1/ Advising on the definition of the standard graphical notation.

2/ Participating in the definition of the system technical requisites.

3/ Co-creation and preparation of testing scenarios.

4/ Performing the tests of the system in each country.

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests