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EUREKA – Korean partner sought to develop an eco-planner for energy-production efficiency in manufacturing industry 4.0

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: RDES20180312001
Publication Date: 12 March 2018


A Spanish company specialized in Information Technologies is developing a software suite addressed to optimize industrial production processes by enabling internal and external energy variables (energy costs prediction, energy flows per process, energy stored stocks, ...) to be considered the base for decision-taking. They look for a Korean partner to develop stationary energy recovery and/or storage solutions to participate in the project.


The Spanish company is developing Ecoplanner 4.0, a software suite addressed to allow energy variables (market costs, consumptions, storage, quality) being taken as a base for industrial decision-taking and real-time monitoring processes with the final aim of optimizing the industrial production processes. 

Some of the main challenges of the energy management in industrial environments are:
• the application of solar energy in order to provide high reliability and high quality heat and/or cooling,
• the re-injection of energy surpluses coming from internal (sub-processes) or external (other industries) processes,
• the storage of that energy, in order to be used not when produced but when needed

The proposed software tool collects in real time or predicted internal and external energy data and consolidates them as the decision-taking variables to be considered in the planning of production processes or/and during the monitoring of the production execution.

These technologies cannot work in an isolated way, but managed by the proposed energy management system ECOPLANNER that, far from just monitoring, uses the energy information coming from different sources for taking decisions addressed, in last term, to decrease the productive costs while ensuring high energy supply reliability.

By means of custom made dashboards and reports, the energy information can be analysed in a post-production phase in order to extract valuable data to be used in future planning phases, performing in that way a cyclic approach that results in a drastic optimization of energy costs vs. production.

In the described scenario the integration of local energy recovery and/or storage solutions is needed. Besides being a way to optimize the production processes, providing information about the energy stock levels, location, nature (heat, cold and electricity), generation/recovery foreseen levels, etc..., it is necessary in terms of production planning and post-production analysis.

For that reason a partner specialized in energy recovery and/or storage solutions is searched in order to complete the software suite. R&D works addressed to optimize recovery, generation and storage processes in industrial environments are expected in order to implement the systsem, ensuring that it is fully optimized and therefore maximizes the ration production vs energy costs.

They would like to submit the proposal to one of the following calls:

1) Bilateral Eureka Call / Call deadline: 28th March / EoIs deadline: 21st March
2) Korea – Spain Energy Innovating (KSEI) Call / Call deadline: 1st June / EoIs deadline: 18th May
3) Bilateral Eureka Call/ Call deadline: end of August / EoIs deadline: 3rd August
Link pending

Advantages and Innovations

The proposed target represents a global integral solution for the decision-making regarding the implementation of optimal actions for energy and cost minimization in manufacturing environments, including:

1) Prediction of consumption and pricing, optimal energy use and demand side management strategies in manufacturing processes and installations, 2) distributed energies, optimal use of storage and renewable energies. And 3) supply, optimal trade of power from market.

Stage Of Development

Concept stage

Requested partner

A Korean company specialized in solar energy, energy recovery and/or energy storage solutions for industrial environments is sought. 

The Spanish partner will develop the system software and the Korean partner will develop the energy recovery and storage solutions, both working together to integrate the solutions in an industrial energy suite that maximizes the benefits of applying Industry 4.0 enabling technologies to the field of energy.

The role of the sought partner will be developing and integrating a solution addressed to generate heat/cold energy from solar source and/or re-inject energy coming from internal/external surpluses using an optimized energy storage as consolidation point, bringing the solution the needed flexibility in order to decide how/where/when that energy will be used in the industrial processes.

Each company will be the owner of the developed technology, while cooperation addressed to distribute both solutions in the European and Asiatic market will be considered as both feasible and desirable.

Together with the Spanish company, the sought partner must be able to submit a proposal for the Korea & Spain Bilateral Call.

Dissemination Countries

South Korea

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