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H2020-ICT-32-2018 RIA: artists and creatives entities to collaborate in a research project are sought.

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: RDES20180222001
Publication Date: 13 March 2018


A Spanish research organization, collaborating in a proposal H2020-ICT-32-2018 is looking for a creative entity related with ICT. The objective of the project is to create and engage industry, technology, end-users, and artists in a broad artistic exploration of technologies with the aim of creating novel products, processes and services that respond better to human needs.


The goal of the project is to make use of state-of-art simulation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and data science methodologies to retrieve accurate actor and behavioural models in a living environment, reproduce the same into simulators and be able to determine cause, consequences on incidents of interest, to propose new creative solutions to the detected problems with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The proposal is composed, until now, of 7 partners, representing 4 Member States (Spain, France, Italy, and Netherland). They are included with different roles related with simulation, virtual reality, big data, artificial intelligence, etc.

The coordinator is looking for a partner that can perform a contests among creative organizations or artists in Europe. There are no requirements in type or size. Eastern country entities are welcome.

Funding programme: H2020-ICT-32-2018: STARTS – The Arts stimulating innovation. RIA: Research and Innovation action.

Expressions of interest are welcome before the 19 March 2018

Duration of the project: 36 months

Available budget for the Project: 4.000.000€

Advantages and Innovations

The project will make use of several technological solutions in a creative way to propose solutions to defined problems. It is a lighthouse project that could be scalable to further cases.

Requested partner

Type: Association, companies 
Activity: Creative (Art)
Role: Coordinate entities of the art environment and participate in the development of a contests.

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests