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EUROSTARS. Companies for the development of highly efficiency systems for energy storage based on graphene technologies

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: RDES20170803001
Publication Date: 3 August 2017


A Spanish SME that works in graphene technologies is preparing a Eurostars project whose objective is develop flexible anodes and cathodes whose composition includes graphene. In this way the mechanical properties and the ionic mobility will be improved. The company is looking for partners with experience in electrochemistry, development of energy storage systems and characterization of thin films.


A Spanish SME is currently producing graphene for laboratories and scientific experimentation, with short-term yields and high added value with small-scale production. Currently the company’s graphene production is being scaled up in order to be able to supply a wider range of industries and uses, such as polymers and composites, paints, lubricants, foams… In this way, the production of graphene on an industrial scale may be beneficial to a wide range of end products.

The company is looking for positioning itself as the reference company in the large-scale production of graphene specifically characterized for specific applications such as batteries.

To reach this goal, they are preparing a Eurostars project that focuses on developing flexible anodes and cathodes that incorporate graphene in its composition. In this way, its capacity and load cycles will be improved. Graphene has a very high theoretical capacity (greater than 2000 mAh g-1). However, reaching this capacity is complex due to a large hysteresis in the voltage and, therefore, a decrease in efficiency and storage capacity appears in successive cycles.

To solve this problem, this project will research on using graphene-based composites (different electroactive materials such as metal oxides, metallic nanoparticles, polymers, etc.). In this project there will be an improvement in electronic and ionic mobility, as well as an improvement in mechanical properties such as elasticity and flexibility. Another field of interest would be the use of graphene in electrolytes to increase the transfer of electronic current in said battery.

Thanks to the results of this research project, the SME intends to obtain the required parameters to build a prototype of a flexible rechargeable battery with a longer life cycle than the current ones.

The company is looking for partners with experience in electrochemistry (cyclic voltammetry, high current galvanostat, EIS - electrochemical impedance spectroscopy), development of energy storage systems and characterization of thin films (nanoindentation, dynamic thermo-mechanical analysis...) and end-user companies specialized in energy storage or electronics companies.

Deadline for EOIs: 31st January 2018
Deadline for Call: 1st March 2018
Project duration: 24 months
Countries: All are welcome but they are looking especially for Korean entities.

Advantages and Innovations

The main advantage is the increment of efficiency, cyclability, capacity of batteries, charge speed. It also opens the possibility of development for future technologies of flexible electronics (wereables, flexible mobile devices...). Boosting an emerging sector such as electric cars, due to higher performance, and which is additionally gaining government support worldwide.

In addition, a higher economic profitability is expected due to the increase of the durability of the batteries, the reduction of the cost of the raw materials necessary for its manufacture, by the incorporation of graphene with a lower cost than the one currently existing in the market.

Stage Of Development

Proposal under development

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought:
End users of electronics companies, potential clients of the energy storage sector. Technology centers or universities with extensive experience in electrochemical characterizations.

- Specific area of activity of the partner:
Energy storage, R&D surfaces, electrochemistry, renewable energies.

- Tasks to be performed:
Characterization and assembling of cell, testing final product / characterization electrolyte / center with calendaring units.

- No expertise in international projects is required.

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