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LIFE: Technology centre specialised in nanostructured carbon materials and end user (hotel complex, drinking water treatment company) are sought for a project on desalination

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: RDES20170707001
Publication Date: 7 July 2017


A Spanish SME specialized in water systems is preparing a proposal regarding desalination. It will be submitted to the LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency call. Two partners are sought to complete the consortium: a technology centre specialised in nanostructured carbon materials and an end user such as a hotel complex or drinking water treatment company.


A Spanish company working in water treatment technologies is preparing a LIFE proposal regarding economy and energy efficient desalination. New desalination equipment will be developed and implemented as a demonstrator.
Life Programme cofunds (60 %) projects regarding environment, climate, biodiversity and resource efficiency.
Expressions of interest will be accepted until July 19th 2017.
Call deadline: September 12th 2017.
Project duration estimated: 36 months
The Spanish company is searching for two partners to join the consortium:
- A technology centre specialised in nanostructured carbon materials and/or graphene to design, implement and develop 0.5 x 0.5 plates with an effective surface of 2000 m2/g or higher (thicknesses of several tenths of mm).
- An end user that could be a drinking water treatment company or a hotel complex. The desalination equipment could be implemented alongside a conventional one, in bypass, or in a new installation. The desalination plant is expected to treat 10-15 m3/day and a 20 feet skid is required. Entities located in islands are preferred.

Requested partner

Two partners are sought:
- A research/technology partner working in nanostructured carbon materials that will supply plates with a high effective surface.
- An end user for the desalination system (drinking water treatment company or hotel complex).

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests